What is LactaPure?

Helping mothers provide antibiotic free breast milk

When breastfeeding women are prescribed antibiotics after childbirth, most of these antibiotics are transferred to the child through the breast milk and they can be very dangerous to the health of the sensitive infants. Recent studies link antibiotics to serious and costly conditions such as asthma, allergies and diabetes. Yet breastfeeding is recommended by the World Health Organisation. Currently, there are no products on the market which can remove the antibiotics from the breast milk. But LactaPure is about to change that.

LactaPure is working towards creating a filter which can selectively filter out antibiotics without interfering with any of the natural, healthy components of the breast milk*. The solution won the category “Health” in the case competition Dean’s Challenge 2016 at Aarhus University and the team behind LactaPure (see below) is currently working on assessing technical questions of cost and efficiency.

LactaPure is a student startup and part of NSI Startup Factory at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University.

*patent pending


The team behind LactaPure

Ida Bæk, Project Manager

BSc Student in Molecular Biology
Aarhus University





Mikkel Vind Lorenz, Technical Manager

BSc Student in Biology
Aarhus University





Magnus Willem Meyer, Network Manager

BSc Student in Biology
Aarhus University







Rajiv Vait Basaiawmoit, Advisor

Head of Sci-Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Aarhus University